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Making learning inclusive

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Our Roots

We believe the power of sharing our collective knowledge, experiences, and efforts is unparalleled and too often underused to create social justice.

We are supported by diverse minority groups and allies from professions that span education, human resources, military, media, and small business owners (among others) with extensive global diversity, equality and inclusion experience. We live to use our collective knowledge for good.

~SDIG (Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group Company) is a Black-owned company founded and run by Dr. Joseph Nwoye~

Our mission:

To do projects that increase culturally responsive thinking, create global engagement to amplify the voices of under-represented groups and promote inclusive learning through our curated collection of diverse online self-education learning resources.

We believe this will subsequently create harmony, equity, and fairer outcomes for people and organizations all over the world.

Our values:

1.  RESPECT:  All people are entitled to respect and dignity, regardless of what makes them different.

2.  OPEN COMMUNICATION:  Honest, safe, courageous, two-way, mutually respectful conversations are the stepping-stone to an understanding of differences and provide the platform for meaningful interactions and acceptance to take place.

3.  EQUALITY IS A RIGHT:  Human beings, regardless of socio-economic status, visual or audible differences, racial and ethnic backgrounds or any other individual characteristic that makes them different are equal and should be treated as equals under all circumstances. Equality is a right, understanding is learned.



Creating the change we want to see

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Developing original teaching and training content

Creating e-learning videos around culturally responsive teaching, learning and mindsets.

We are developing our very own Culturally Responsive Teaching, Learning and Mindsets model.

Project in progress. Get in touch if you would like to contribute or get involved.


One Post at a Time

At SDIG, we are dedicated to directly addressing this issue of missing perspectives from a world that is predominantly 'white' in its teaching, learning, practice and majority narrative.

We want to give voice to stories of difference, discrimination, inequality, diversity, inclusion and exclusion that are untold and are the uncomfortable lived reality at work and within the community around the world.

We want to give diverse people, minorities and allies a platform to tell their stories and share their opinions and experiences to create global and individual learning.

Join and contribute on Linkedin at

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Cross-sharing learning and resources

Our goal is to share knowledge to create learning within every individual and across the world.

We understand that to cross barriers and divides; learning and developing what we 'know' and admitting that we do not know everything or know better is critical.

Check out our curated diversity, equality and inclusion resources that we hope will help everyone learn and grow at their own pace.

These resources are collected from around the world and from many social platforms, highlighting the work of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Minority, Diverse and White Allies in creating inclusive learning, teaching, work and community spaces.

Write to us if you want to suggest resources to include in these sections: